Orgasoftware develops three software programs in order to optimize both internal and external relations in a company: Supplier relationship Management, Risk Management and innovative HR vision. Discover all the benefits to chose our solutions:


Supplier Relationship Management - Procurement


Concentrate on relevant and accurate information ! Orgasourcing is a dedicated web portal which improves the supplier relationship management. Gathering and sharing stakeholders information becomes easy with this multi-access interface. Thanks to the complementary module Orgatrust you can also simply analyse your suppliers' compliance and risks.

New gen organigram - HR


Have a proper and accurate knowledge of your employees and their job in the company. Organetwork is an innovative application to represent every member of your organization through his/her projects, skills or contact information. Save time and improve your talent management with a global view which is perfectly adapted to your needs.



A roadmap shows all the current and future evolution and functions that are being developed. You can easily add or remove a function according to your company evolution.


Choose the functions and adapt them in order to fit perfectly to your needs and context.


Our software programs are intuitive and designed to ensure an easy use for all types of users.


The subscription and pricing are up to your use of the software : it is based on the functions desired, the number of access needed and the amount of data integrated.


Any project ?