Visualize your organization in an innovative way!

Review the information of your employees, visualize organizations intuitively by integrating project and skills dimensions with up-to-date information and ergonomic navigation.

New modes of multi-criteria representation

New original ways to view organizations to understand the new operating modes

A complete and efficient directory

Several views available : listing, maps, trombinoscope, you can display and search your employees in a simple and intuitive way

Manage your human resources in their environment

These innovative views and criteria make possible to better anticipate and meet the expectations of employees, to identify improvement points.

A flowchart always updated

Because an obsolete chart is useless, we have created a flowchart connected to your corporate data


View your collaborators

My company has a large organization spread over several sites and with many services. I need to view the profiles of my staff and understand their shared mission. I must be able to navigate in this organization in a simple and intuitive way.

Thanks to Organetwork chart module, you can view both your teams and organization, but also access cards intuitively and quickly agents. You always know the position of the employee in the organization. You can edit this chart in powerpoint or pdf at any time.


I need to search one or more employees of the company and be able to search by filters. I want to see my staff selected on different modes such as the list, trombinoscope, business cards. 

With the Organetwork directory module, you can quickly identify your collaborators, make advanced filtering and access different types of views for efficient searching and visualization. Finally you have the ability to edit these lists under excel or pdf.


I would like to represent innovatively teamwork and cross-functional organizations. I wish to organise my organisations view by other critters the hierarchical one

With Organetwork you can represent organizations by projects in an original way or visualize your pools of skills. So you can better understand and identify your resources according to criteria other than hierarchical.

Production du module


I would like to be able to simulate my future organizations to adapt to my environment and keep the agility of my company and its collaborators.

With the upcoming module Organetwork you can anticipate your organizations and align your human forces by integrating your criteria and visualizing your reorganization projects. You integrate the agile mode into the visualization of your organizations.

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