Manage the risk and compliance management of your third party stakeholders, suppliers, customers and subcontractors!

How to contribute to the fight against corruption against third parties (Sapin2 law), manage the risk of production or image, meet the need for vigilance ? How to identify and model the risk of your Third parties in an agile, simple and sustainable way to turn it into a competitive one for your company and your customers ?

Orgatrust : KYS ands KYC (know your supplier and customer)

Database suppliers, customers and subcontractors

In a process of setting up and referencing all third parties to analyze and monitor the risk, you compile your internal and external data to obtain a global vision of your key players

Risk mapping of third parties stakeholders

In support of the compliance management of the Sapin II law, aggregation of different data will allow to map and identify key partners at risk or otherwise of confidence.

Management tool

This analysis will make it possible to make the right decisions in harmony with the Purchasing, Compliance and Management teams, and possibly trigger the appropriate Due Diligence, to reference the alerts, audits and declarations.

Reporting and compliance support tool

All of this data, supplemented by accounting information and the Supplier Portal will give you the KPIs and information to track compliance and turn into a competitive advantage.



Risk management involves gathering information from my third parties, but how do I recover it and integrate it into my data model? can we retrieve different information?

By interfacing with several actors I can collect and cross a certain number of information and indicators. I also enrich this information base by my regulatory duty with legal documents collecting. This financial information, information related to shareholders and affiliations are from actors like Ellisphere, Altares D & B, Bureau Van Dyck or E-Attestations. We can also collect sources of ethical controls or e-reputation.


My company has internal resources and key figures : why not include them into my risk analysis ? How can my collaborators and third parties contribute to this gathering ?

The solution allows to aggregate various internal information to complete the system and provide a realistic situation of your context. You can classify your partners based on types or trades, collect turn over and calculate a dependency ratio. You can also integrate your employee evaluations of their competence or their behavior. We will focus on the analysis of active and strategic players.

Through the portal, you can ask your suppliers and subcontractors to assess their risk, their know-how or their corporate social responsibility (CSR). You can also ask them to sign an ethics charter or a code of conduct.

You can also file your audits, control your contracts and thus constitute an internal document database.


How to map these risks and contribute to the company's due diligence ? Is this restitution and these KPIs are they usable for different internal populations ? And what relevance to share this analysis?

The solution will make a detailed analysis of the data and help you map the results according to your company's expectations of risk management. This analysis and KPI will encourage you to engage or not a Due Diligence based on your projects. This analysis will also help you to engage with your best partners based on their trades and skills.

Employees will be able to launch an internal alert or comment on the partners.

This mapping is not an end in itself but contributes greatly to help the company in its decisions and its commitment to its key partners, and conduct a preventive approach of the risk.

KYS and KYC : know your supplier and customer !

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