To be able to manage your suppliers, you must first know them well. Your supplier data (administrative, contact, financial, etc.) are dispatch in a heterogeneous way in your different Information Systems (ERP, accounting software, etc.)? Do you want to manage your suppliers based on reliable indicators ? Orgasoftware offers you a service for the analysis and the structuration of your supplier repository data and associated expenses.

Step 1 - Structuring the data

After an initial audit, our team analyse in detail and quality of your supplier data. A structured and efficient repository is set up. Then the expenses are associated with the suppliers with a better granularity on time and category of purchase.

Step 2 - Actionable data

The strength of this service focus on the retrieval of data in a powerful tool, dynamic dashboards allowing a thorough analysis of your suppliers panel: distribution by family, typology, region, etc. From these different filters, you can analyse the expenses by family, sub-family and occupation. The temporal evolution of the indicators makes it possible to implement winning strategies with your suppliers.

The dashboards offered are used by our Orgasourcing customers.

Step 3 - Enlightened decision-making

A well knowledge of your suppliers

An analysis of the expenses of your suppliers

Easiest exchanges with the stakeholders

Our service and the relevant restitutions will permit you to enhance the knowledge of your suppliers panel with tangible indicators, to better identify your strategic suppliers and to improve your sourcing. The vocation of this analysis services help you to accelerate the management, decision-making and communication with all the stakeholders.

You wish go further to manage your referential suppliers and you need a tool ? Discover all the available modules by exploring the functionnalities of the complete solution Orgasourcing.

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