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Couverture Livre Blanc ETI et grandes PME

SMEs and medium-sized companies, 10 steps to an efficient Procurement Information System

How to identify your needs and start structuring suppliers and subcontractor's relationship through a Procurement Information System adapted to the resources of your company?

 This White Paper describes the 10 key steps to achieve the intended functional goals. The approach also considers the resources of the medium-sized organizations in order to recommend adapted solutions.

Written by Orgasoftware.


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Couverture Livre Blanc Solutions Nouvelle Génération au service de vos enjeux achats

Innovative Solutions for your procurement issues

What are the best practices to guide the process of digitalization for the Purchasing Departement in your company ?

This White Paper explains the strenghts and opportunities of using software solutions such as : SRM, Spend Analytics, Innovation Management, Performance Management, E-sourcing and Supplier Sourcing.

Written by Orgasoftware and its e-procurement partners : EasyPics, Ecdys, Per Angusta, Marketdojo et Silex.

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